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2500mAh  Power Bank

Product Abstract:

Portable Li-Ion Rechargeable Power Bank for Canon Photo Printers,Perfectly Compatible with the Canon CP910,CP100,CP300,CP330,CP510,CP600,CP730,CP750,CP770,CP780,CP790,CP800,CP810,CP900. Actual Capacity: 2500mAh, Output Parameters: 18V-25.2V/2A(max). The Power bank features 2500 mAH which provides almost double longer run-time between charges. Content: 1pcs external Power bank , 1pcs cable , 1pcs 25.2V 0.5A AC/DC adapter. Double Power Supply for Your Canon Photo Printers When You are in Travel, Office or at Home. 12 Months Manufacturer Warranty from Date of Purchase.

Product Description

1 Cell Type: Li-Ion
2 Output: DC 22.2V 2A Output
3 Charging Parameters: DC Input port 25.2±0.2V,500mA ± 100mA (charging current varies with the change of battery voltage)
4 Weight (pound):340±10g (0.75 pound)
5 Size (L/W/H) inch:4.7/3.7/0.9
Operating Guideline:
1 Input Mode (Charging the Power bank)
• To plug the Li-ion Charger to the electric socket and then connect the Input Port of the power bank, it will go to the charging mode when the LED 3 is red.
• The LED 2 is green when the device is fully charged.
• Total charging time will be around 4.7 hours when it is full.
2 Output Mode (Discharging mode)
• The Power Bank will go to the Output mode (discharging mode) automatically when it is connected to the external devices. Then the LED 1 is blue. The Output (discharging) mode will be closed when unplug the external devices from the output port of the power bank.
• The LED1 and LED 3 will be on simultaneously when charging and discharging at the same time.
Compatible with:
Canon CP910; Canon CP100; Canon CP300; Canon CP330; Canon CP510; Canon CP600; Canon CP730; Canon CP750; Canon CP770; Canon CP780; Canon CP790; Canon CP800; Canon CP810; Canon CP900

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